Our Philosophy

Unique Individuals
Here at Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep, we believe all children are unique individuals who come to us with an abundance of prior knowledge and life experiences. We recognise that this prior learning and self-identity has been influenced by children's family, social experiences, cultural diversity, community and the surrounding environment.
Our Kindergarten & Pre-Prep program is designed to allow for children's ideas, extend current knowledge and challenge children within a safe, stimulating and stable environment. Children are encouraged to openly express themselves while also accepting and responding appropriately to their own needs along with the needs, ideas and feelings of others.

The Program
We provide a comprehensive Kindergarten & Pre-Prep program based on the Developmental Areas of Learning, Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. Each child is guided and encouraged to strive to achieve their full potential by our caring and qualified staff. The program allows for children to engage and contribute in positive and personally meaningful ways with people, environments and learning opportunities.

Play Based Learning
We recognise that play based learning is a critical part of educating children within a Kindergarten & Pre-Prep program. Within our program we allow children countless opportunities to experience a range of play based activities that support their natural curiosity, interests, imagination and their desire to learn more about the environment around them. As active and engaged learners, children are encouraged to use a range of different processes and thinking skills such as problem solving, trial and error, cause and effect, experimentation, discovery, researching, visual cues and investigation. Children are also encouraged to gain information and source their own learning through engagement and critical exploration of the media, texts, signs, symbols, patterns and technologies within their learning environment.
Activities are delivered in a variety of stimulating ways including individual learning activities and small group, large group and whole group experiences. This promotes a confident self-identity and feelings of belonging and involvement in the Cuddle Bugs community.

Hygiene and Safety
Here at Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep we endeavour to provided a safe and clean environment for children. Children are guided to develop skills and attitudes that promote independence in managing their own and other's health and safety. We encourage children and staff to develop good personal hygiene and safety practices that reduce safety risks, cross contamination and the spread of infection. Staff are always conscious of the need to pursue good health and safety practices, including the need to be aware of and alert to issues such as allergies and illnesses.

The Environment
We consider the environment a crucial tool in educating children. Our viewpoint is that children approach their world through all their senses. "A child's environment is an aromascope, soundscope, colourscope, texturescope and a lightscope and the world one can experience through the skin, the fingers and all the sensory receptors" (Ceppi and Zine, 1998).
We provide children with the tools and experiences to understand, appreciate and respect a range of environments such as their kindergarten environment, community environment, the natural environment and the man-made environments of our world. Children are encourage to be active caretakers of our environments and learn about the impacts and needs of the world around us. We create programs and learning environments that engage children's minds and support their learning.

Here at Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep communication is an extremely valued component of our approach to early years education. Children are encouraged to use a range of communication methods themselves and connect with peers, Educators, students/volunteers, parents and others inside and outside of the service. Children are taught to share and interpret ideas through skills and methods such as sing spoken language, basic sign language, body language and picture or word card signs and symbols. Children are encouraged to explore different ways to communicate, interact and share meanings. 

Parental Input and Involvment
Staff at Cuddle Bugs Kindergarten & Pre-Prep consider it a true privilege to spend time with each child who attends our service. We value and encourage parental input and involvement within our program as we believe that our role (as Educators and Carers) is to support parents in bringing up their child. Also clear, is the role families have as a truly valuable resource for out Kindergarten & Pre-Prep. We are accepting of different family, cultural and social practices and we endeavour to build strong, supportive relationships between staff and parents. We aim to share knowledge and information with parents and families so they too feel part of our friendly environment.

Equal Opportunity
We accept and respect all differences and diversity within the community and here at our service. Each individual child is treated equally with respect and dignity regardless of gender, nationality, language, cultural beliefs, abilities and additional needs. Within our Kindergarten & Pre-Prep we show welcoming acceptance of all staff, children and visitors and we provide an equal opportunity for all children and staff to learn. We encourage children to be aware of and show respect for others needs, rights, differences, beliefs and opinions.